WELCOME! Rare Argentines offers beautiful, quality full and part Argentine llamas for sale.

We Raise Argentines -Rare Exotic llamas with good conformation and excellent dispositions.    

If you are looking for Argentine bloodlines….check out what we have to offer!

Over 40 Pure Argentines and  part Argentines…..the largest Argentine herd in the USA. Raising Argentines since 2001!



Rare Argentine Solstice  100% Argentine- Arg Diego x Arg Narnia – The first time a Diego offspring offered for sale! Bloodlines include Arg Ciego, Arg Mate, Arg Nebulani, and Arg Pecos. Congratulations to Lofty Pines Llamas and Alpacas! Someone was paying attention. This purchase proves you know your plans for breeding extreme Argentines! Thank you.

Arg Solstice spring 2016

 2016 CRIA!

Rare Argentine Carmalucky - 6-4-16  Rare Argentine Esperanza Head shot 6-3-16

Female – full Argentine                   Female – full Argentine

Rare Argentine Carmalucky       Rare Argentine Esperanza

Arg Carmalinda x Arg Midas           Arg Milagro x Arg Diego

Rare Argentine Mario 6-4-16 1 day  Rare Argentine Adelina 6-3-16  Rare Argentine Hidalgo Spice LS

Male – full Argentine                             Female – full Argentine              Male- full Argentine

Rare Argentine Mario                     Rare Argentine Adelina      Rare Argentine Hidalgo Spice

Arg Queen of Spades x Arg Diego          Arg Zarena x Arg Diego         Arg Spice Girl x Arg Hidalgo

           Sheared girls 5-1-15    4-27-16 llama herd

RARE Argentines

The Argentine Type Llama – by Paul Taylor

Defining the Argentine - by Gayle Woodsum

Why Argentine Llamas – by Lynda Carothers

The Argentine - by Dan Powell

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Full and Part Argentine Llamas for sale in Minnesota

Last updated 8-17-16

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