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Over 40 Pure Argentines and  part Argentines…..the largest Argentine herd in the USA. Raising Argentines since 2001!



Our first 2016 cria is here! A female (Arg Carmalinda x Arg Midas)

CarmaLucky 4-14-16 New cria!

Welcome Rare Argentine Carmalucky

RARE Argentines – A Little about us……
Rare Argentines – Raising Argentines, rare exotic llamas
The beginning of our journey for RARE Argentines was in 2001 with two importations from Argentina to meet our goal to own every bloodline brought to the USA from Argentina and begin breeding the pure Argentines. The importation was an incredibly large piece of our foundation and added the necessary diversity to own in meeting this lofty goal. We didn’t stop with the importations! Leasing males to breed when we could, buying several pure Argentines from Paul and Sally Taylor from the imports and continuing to add from various farms and the auctions and purchasing entire Argentine herds when an Argentine llama breeder retired, were all part of our growth and strategy. We continued our pursuit of bloodlines realizing how limited the lines were. We had seen most of the pure Argentines in America, we made yearly trips to Montana to see the Taylors and their pure Argentine llamas. Unrelated bloodlines Rare Argentines has include ARG Corvo, ARG Ciego, ARG Oberon, ARG Saltarin, ARG Naranja, ARG Trupa, ARG Tren Tren, ARG Pulga, ARG Machi and of course the names we all now know; ARG Pecos, ARG Kobra, ARG Don Zunca and ARG Yecu. Bloodlines can be viewed on our website under, “reference llamas” at www.RareArgentines.com.
The Argentine influence will be important in the decades to come.
The pure Argentine llama was being bred in Argentina for fiber and meat production. If the llamas were not well behaved they were the first chosen to eat. Personally I believe they were smart enough to realize this and maybe that is why the great dispositions! In this very sense it comes to reason that they are like they are; gentle, super fiber producers and a robust build.
RARE Argentines is our full Argentine breeding program nestled in the hardwood forests and driftless area of southeast Minnesota amongst the bluffs on 320 acres. Our Argentine llamas are grass fed during the spring, summer and fall months and our production of hay provides for them in the winter months. While our name is new our ideology is not. Raising Pure Argentines and providing bloodlines is still what we do with over 30 years combined experience in doing so!
It is immensely rewarding, not to mention relaxing to see a grazing Argentine llama herd in a somewhat natural setting with all the ebbs and flows of a herd throughout each day. Visitors are offered lawn chairs and binoculars to enjoy this setting. If the Argentines can’t be located with the binoculars we gladly take out the 4-wheelers for a fun ride to get closer. A guesthouse for those staying overnight, is situated in one of the nearby llama pastures for optimal Argentine llama viewing.
We currently offer over 40 full and a handful of the part Argentine to add Argentine Awe into your program. Thank you.
Julie Chapman and Lynda Carothers
We are RARE Argentines.
Additional information can be found on our website at www.RareArgentines.com
Contact us email: RareArgentines@gmail.com
Land Line (yes, we still have one) 507-498-3842
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           Sheared girls 5-1-15    4-27-16 llama herd

Argentine Type Llama – by Paul Taylor

Defining the Argentine by Gayle Woodsum

Why Argentine Llamas – by Lynda Carothers

The Argentine - by Dan Powell

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