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We Raise Argentines -Rare Exotic llamas with good conformation and excellent dispositions.    

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Over 30 Pure Argentines and 8 part Argentines…..the largest Argentine herd in the USA. Raising Argentines since 2001!

Here is another girl! This one was born today Argentine Solstice (Arg Diego x Arg Narnia).  Fiber is so soft! Beautiful female. Bloodlines are Pecos, Kobra, Ciego and Mate.

Arg Solstice Left side 6-26-15


Another new cria! This one is a boy!!!  Argentine Mierda (Argentine Diego x Argentine Nadia). Did you say spots? Of course he has them! Bloodlines go back to Pecos, Naranja, Mate, and Ciego. Born 6-17-15

Arg Mierda right side 6-26-15



It is a girl!  Argentine Azalea (Argentine Diego x Argentine Azaria) Her bloodlines go back to Arg Midas and Arg Ciego! Born 6-16-15.

Arg Azalea RS 6-19-15


           Sheared girls 5-1-15  Some boys sheared4-27  The Girls 4-27-15

Photos from Rare Argentines.  The herd is shorn!

Argentine Type Llama – by Paul Taylor

Defining the Argentine by Gayle Woodsum

Why Argentine Llamas – by Lynda Carothers

The Argentine - by Dan Powell

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Full and Part Argentine Llamas for sale in Minnesota

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