Our Females

RARE Argentine Zoet


ZoetFull Argentine Female

Argentine Pampas X Argentine Chocolat(ET)


A one of a kind! This girl should be on everyone’s list. You can’t make another one.  A truly rare female…she shows you what typey means…fiber everywhere! The last cria from the exotic Argentine Chocolat (ET)argentine-zoet-10-22-16

Rare Argentine Zinnia

Arg Zinnia 5-1-15Full Argentine female

PFO Argentine Drambuie x Arg Azaria

DOB 5-30-14  DNA Verified

A female with every color under the sun – blacks, browns and white. A true show stopper! Very correct.




RARE Argentine ZuLaLa

9-2015 Arg ZuLaLa B1Full Argentine Female

Argentine Kobra x Argentine Zula Zunca

DOB 4-29-14  DNA verified

Blacks, reds blended and swirled together make up this full Argentine female. This young girl is one of the last Argentine Kobra offspring! Welcome ZuLaLa!

Argentine Abilene

9-2015 Arg AbileneA Full Argentine Female

 Argentine Gringo(ET) x Argentine Precosia

 DOB 8-28-13

Rare, rare, rare! Abilene is a sweet girl with rare bloodlines. We are proud to have her in our female herd. Now, who to breed her to…..

Argentine Zettie

Arg Zettie 1Full Argentine Female

Argentine Brutus(ET) x Argentine Zula Zunca

DOB 12-8-12  DNA Verified

Brutus as her sire makes this female one of the rare ones. She is quite beautiful, very typey. Ready to breed. Now who will be her mate!

Argentine Callialily

4-27-16 CallialilyFull Argentine Female

Argentine Hidalgo(ET) x Argentine Calliope

DOB 5-9-2012

A very large girl! Beautiful greys and reds in her spots. You can tell she is her parents daughter.

Argentine Norina

Arg Norina

Full Argentine Female

Argentine Iceman x Argentine Palmira(ET)

DOB 9-9-2011

A beautiful girl with extremely sought after bloodlines including Arg Norino, Arg Ilona, Arg Kobra and Arg Pulga.  Arg Norina 9-2015


Argentine Marcelena

4-27-16 MarcelenaFull Argentine Female

Argentine Marcel(ET) x Argentine Zarena

DOB 6-15-2011

Two of my favorite llamas made this amazing beauty.  It is an honor to have her grace our pastures. Bloodlines include: Kobra, Pampita, Pecos and Nokima. She gives me chills….I can hardly believe it!

DPDL Grace Slick

grace-slick1 half arg

Half Argentine Female

Argentine Romulus (ET) x  MS Gizelle

DOB 8-21-10  DNA Verified

Here she is! Amazing 1/2 Argentine! Blacks and reds

in that wonderful Argentine fiber.

Argentine Queen of Spades (ET)

Queen 1Full Argentine Female

Argentine Pecos x Argentine Pampita(ET)

DOB  8-2-10 DNA Verified

Queenie is a beautiful female!   Great Bloodlines. Some of my favorite! She is not only feeding her own cria, but has taken on 2 others that lost their moms in a storm. She is for sure a keeper in our herd


Nevaeh Argentine Heaven

4-27-16 NevaehFull Argentine Female

Argentine Gringo(ET) x Double J’s Argentine Nevara

DOB 7-16-2010

This is a wonderful girl! So excited to have her in our herd. Has those awesome bloodlines I love so much.

Argentine Carmalinda (ET)

Full Argentine Female

Argentine Gringo(ET) x Argentine Tren

DOB 10-19-08 DNA Verified

I fell in love with this girl the moment I saw her! One of those just have to own her! Well, here she is. She now graces my pasture. Such beautiful soft shades of color. Plus she has a bit of an attitude, which I always find interesting.  We are happy to have her and can’t wait to see what she will produce for us. Keep an eye out for her babies…they are sure to be awesome! 5 offspring


Argentine Narnia

Full Argentine Female

Argentine Pecos X Argentine Nebulani

6/07/05    DNA Verified

Narnia is a very sweet and very typey Argentine female. She is densely covered with fine fiber from her head to her toes. Good conformation, heavy bone and the Argentine robust build.  She has an extremely sweet disposition and is easy to work with.

5 offspring – all different in color-Pictured: Arg Comin In Hot (white,grey.red)Comin in HOT

Narnia has often fed more than one cria. Now she has taken on one after her last cria was sold.  rare-arg-hidalgo-spice-and-narnia-9-16

Argentine Zula Zunca

zula 1Full Argentine Female

Argentine Don Zunca x Argentine Loba

DOB 8-10-01 DNA Verified

Zula is a super typey Argentine. She  has the bone and fiber of the best in the country, not to mention her paint coloring. She has produced some of the best.  8 offspring.