Argentine Herdsires

Take a look at our Argentine herdsires. We do offer limited outside Argentine breedings. You will find some very rare bloodlines in these breeding males

Argentine Lucchese

LuccheseFull Argentine Male

Argentine Taylor Made  (ET) x Argentine Carmalinda (ET)

DOB 9-28-11  DNA Verified

Shown as a youngster….He shows tons of promise and sure to be one of the great Argentine sires!

Owned with Gary & Anne McCright

Argentine Bavarian Chocolat

Full Argentine Male

DOB  9-27-09   DNA Verified

Argentine Zapata x Argentine Chocolat(ET)

What an awesome boy! Chocolat has out done herself again!!!! This boy is perfect in every way. We just love his triangular head and his markings look just like his granddam, Argentine Machi!  Thank you Chocolat for this wonderful extreme Argentine male!!!  We absolutely love him!  He is always in the ribbons.

ILR Certificate of Achievement

Bavarian Head Arg Bavarian - 6-15

Arg Bavarian A - 6-15

Arg Bavarian Chocolat 4-10-16

PFO Argentine Drambuie

 DrambuieAFull Argentine Male

Argentine Corvo x Argentine Pizazz

8-06-09 DNA Verified

Drambuie is an exotic paint of Argentine bloodlines. We plan on breeding with him this year. His sire is rare so we are excited to add this to our herd. Keep an eye out for Drambuie !  2 female offspring



Argentine Marcel (ET)

 ArgMarcel  4-2010Full Argentine Male

Argentine Kobra x Argentine Pampita(ET)

DOB 6-30-2007

RIP Marcel… 11-16…. You will be missed.
8 Grand Championships in 2 years
ILR Top Heavy Wool male
100+ ILR Show points – there is no competition at this level
Beautiful beyond description
18 offspring

Argentine Perfect Illusion

Illusion AA5-15Full Argentine Male

Argentine Cordoba (ET) x Argentine Perfect Fit

DOB 5-23-07 DNA Verified

Here you find Corvo, Kobra, Primavera, Mate, Primera in his background. Amazing fiber. Being used on only select females. All I can say is Wow! Illusion head

Argentine Adikshun (ET)


Full Argentine Male

Argentine Kobra x Argentine Machi

DOB  10/20/06  DNA Verified

Here is an amazing Kobra son out of the great Machi!  We were very fortunate to get him from the Taylor’s.    You can’t help but look at him and say he is all Argentine……4 female offspring. One of the last Machi sons….

ILR #271371    $4500

Arg Adickshun (2)Adikshun    4-10-16



Argentine Diego

Arg Diego 6-19-15Full Argentine Male

Argentine Ciego x Argentine Mate

DOB  5-21-06 DNA Verified

Here is the one and only Diego! Appy coloring, dense fiber, typey. Select females bred to him for this spring/summer. Maybe one will be what you are looking for? We have had lots of interest so they won’t last long! Out of 2 imports. 9 offspring.

Diego head4-10-16

Argentine Tico (ET)

  Full Argentine Male

  Argentine Kobra x Argentine  Trupa

  DOB 4-15-2005

A colorful Argentine Kobra son! Excellent disposition, easy to handle. Super nice ears and very straight legs. A paint/appy.  Offspring 5 Females and 2 males, plus we bred him to several females for 2017.  ILR # 261378

FOR SALE $2500

Argentine Hidalgo (ET)


Hidalgo 2Full Argentine Male

Argentine Don Zunca x Argentine Tren Tren

DOB  1-31-04 DNA Verified

A beautiful  grey and white Don Zunca son!  Known for putting on size to the Argentines.  Very silky.  15 offspring

Argentine Hidago (SW)