Young Llamas

Rare Argentine Mario

Rare Arg Mario LSFull Argentine Male

Argentine Diego x Argentine Queen of Spades

DOB 6-4-16

Just born! Looks just like mom! Super silky!

We think he is very special!    rare-argentine-mario-10-22-16

Rare Argentine Adelina

rare-argentine-adellina-10-22-16Full Argentine Female

Argentine Diego x Argentine Zarena

DOB 6-3-16

A wonderful little girl…..look at those legs!  Her sire is the Rare Argentine male, Argentine Diego (Arg Ciego x Arg Mate). Her dam, Argentine Zarena, is the dam to some awesome crias….you may know Argentine Marcella and Argentine Marcelena. Arg Zarena is an Arg Pecos x Arg Nokima daughter.

Rare Argentine Adelina 7-3-16

Rare Argentine Esperanza

Rare Argentine Esperanza 8-14-16Full Argentine Female

Argentine Diego x Argentine Milagro

DOB 6-2-16

rare-argentine-esperanza-head-10-22-16Rare Argentine Esperanza Head 3-10-17

A beautiful appy female! Nice rare bloodlines. She will be one to keep an eye on as she grows up!

Rare Argentine Carmalucky

CarmaLucky 4-14-16 New cria!Full Argentine Female

Argentine Midas (ET) x Argentine Carmalinda (ET)

DOB 5-13-16

What a beauty! We are excited to introduce Carmalucky to our herd! Maybe not born on the best day but she is healthy and very active. Curly fiber – she gets that from her sire.


Rare Argentine Azalea

Arg Azalea 5-16Full Argentine female

Argentine Diego x Argentine Azaria

DOB 6-16-15

This girl represents years of breeding, from the very rarest bloodlines! She goes back to Midas, Diego and Mate. Absolutely beautiful!!!